Sleep Hygiene- Your Questions Answered

Had to finish the book, lost down the social media rabbit hole, or “I just can’t sleep”. Any of these sound familiar? People have so many things that occupy their time now, that sleep might be an afterthought for many.  But activity at the cost of sleep is a mistake.  Many people fail to realize that the 25-35% of each day we spend sleeping is productive, and crucial to living an energetic and successful life. Like our diet and exercise habits, it can be difficult to make sleep a priority. Sleep gives our body and mind the chance to repair, rebuild and recover from the events of our daily life. While you sleep, your body repairs itself from the stress of the day. A productive night’s sleep helps our body in several ways: Renews energy. Boosts the immune system and [...]

Sleep Better, May 2021

Read Time: 1 min 51 sec   Wake-up, sleepy head! You are not the only one that head nods throughout the day. About half of all Americans feel sleepy most days of the week, according to the Sleep Foundation.  When we don’t get enough sleep, it can increase our risk for developing chronic health conditions, interfere with our hormones, and decrease our immunity to illnesses. In the short term we feel sleepy, irritated, and less likely to make better decisions. Sleep plays an important role in our lives by helping us to feel good during the day. Sleep is just as important for our health as exercise and eating well. Make a wellness goal to try some tips below to get more restful sleep.   Try: Routine: Making sleep a priority by staying on a routine and aiming to get [...]