Wellness for the HR Professional: Exercise  

  The thought of adding exercise to your days may seem daunting and add even more stress and anxiety to already stressful days. However, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a great way to stay healthy during a pandemic as well reduce your risk for chronic disease. An increasing amount of research shows inactivity has serious consequences when it comes to our health. Moving more during your day may help reduce health risk, increase productivity, and support a healthy weight. Exercise also reduces stress hormones and increases levels of feel-good endorphins. These endorphins circulate in the body and provide an immediate lift in mood, focus, attention, and reaction time that lasts two or more hours. Although considered short-terms effects, these changes can help prevent problems that contribute to cognitive impairment in the future. How will you move? Below are [...]

Healthy Holidays: Resolutions That Stick

Resolutions That Stick Have you ever given up on a resolution because it just didn’t fit your schedule? Sometimes it’s just not realistic to start devoting an extra two hours to healthy eating and exercise when already balancing family time with a demanding work schedule. This year, we encourage you to simplify your resolution list because, all too often, we set ambitious goals that fail to hold past January. You might have an ideal image of yourself for 2020, but remember that significant life changes take longer than just a year. Instead of fizzling out early, try these tips to plan resolutions with staying power. Start slow, then build Say you have the goal to lose ten pounds by spring. Take a step back and consider the realistic daily actions and habits needed to make weight loss happen. Perhaps you [...]