This has been a tough year for HR professionals. You may have had to give bad news about wages or loss, or you may be struggling to hire reliable workers. You have certainly been dealing with a lot of stress! Stress takes energy, and when we are out of energy, we suffer. Stress is the reaction to a threat (real or imagined) to your well-being, which results in a series of physical and emotional responses. Everyone experiences different symptoms of stress. Some of us get depressed, others get angry, anxious, or feel hopeless or lonely. Try implementing some of the strategies below to help you manage your stress and take care of your mental and emotional health.

Have an action plan.

When we are faced with stress, our human instinct is to react by either fighting or running away (The Fight or Flight Response). Mitigate the instinct to react by implementing stress management and relaxation strategies that work for you. This may be deep breathing, talking with a friend or family member, going for a walk, journaling, reading a book, etc.

Implement the Power of IHO.

In most cases, stressors can fall into 1 of 3 categories.

  1. In my control – I can do something about this. Put your energy here. Develop and implement an action plan.
  2. Help from others – I cannot do this alone, but I can do something with the help of others. Contact these individuals and meet with them to create a plan.
  3. Out of my control – There is nothing I can do. Don’t waste your energy on these stressors. Try to focus your energy on the stressors you can manage!

Practice gratitude.

Gratitude has been shown to reduce stress. Try a gratitude jar, keep a gratitude journal, or volunteer.

Avoid comparisons.

Remember, everyone has pain, deals with health issues, and suffers from time to time. No one’s life is perfect! The only person you need to compare yourself to is you.

Use social media with mindfulness.

Overuse has shown to increase stress levels, and mindlessly scrolling is a waste of our most precious resource – time. Plan for how you will use social media and for how long. Stay accountable by allowing your phone to track your time spent on social media sites.


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