The dieting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. The reason you keep seeing all of these new trendy diets hitting the market is because diets don’t work! Millions of Americans attempt to lose weight each year by purchasing diet pills, meal plans, and other various dieting programs. Only to fail miserably. The truth is, it’s not your fault.

For years we have been taking the wrong approach, restriction is not the answer. Psychologically, dietary restraint can lead to greater reactivity to food cues, increased cravings, and indulgence. This, in-turn can cause overeating and binge eating. Biologically, dieting can lead to unhealthy changes in body composition, hormonal changes, reduced bone density, menstrual disturbances, and lower resting energy expenditure. The smartest decision you can make is to ditch the dieting and restriction mentality. Instead, incorporate healthy foods into your diet while still eating the foods you enjoy. Choose progression over perfection. Try practicing intuitive eating and make peace with your relationship with food once and for all.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Award-winning dietitian Evelyn Tribole defines Intuitive Eating as “a self-care eating framework, which integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought.”  This way of eating is a weight-inclusive, evidence-based model with a validated assessment scale. It has over 100 scientific studies to date. These studies show that there does not have to be a continual struggle with food. Being mindful about eating can help our bodies both mentally and physically.

A person’s health cannot be determined just by weight alone. There are many other factors that make up a person’s health. Intuitive eating supports the “Health at Every Size movement.  Health at Every Size (HAES) is a “weight-neutral approach focused on promoting healthy behaviors in people with different body sizes”.  Intuitive eating is not a diet but rather a mindset. The big picture here is that weight should not be the main focus. The key is to stop listening to the lies all fad diets promise and make peace with food. Find ways to deal with your source of emotion instead of emotional eating. Eat when you are hungry and build trust with how you treat food. Discover what it is to be satisfied when you eat and honor when you are full. There are no bad or good foods but consume what is best for your health. Embrace your individuality, feel better about how you are created, and that all bodies deserve dignity. Lastly, enjoy moving because of the way it makes you feel.

At Be Well Solutions we believe in intuitive eating! This is the philosophy that guides our Registered Dietitians and Health Coaches when working with clients. We believe in respecting our diverse bodies, honoring our hunger, and taking healthy actions to live vibrant lives.

Written by BWS Dietetic Intern– Jessica Kreger

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