Declutter to De-Stress, May 2021

Read Time: 1 min 59 sec Einstein’s last day of work ended with a cluttered desk. Does clutter confuse you or is it organized chaos for the genius mind? Most people cannot think clearly with a workspace in disarray. It has been shown that being surrounded by mess leads to a lack of productivity and motivation. Overstimulation of our brains by clutter does not just affect our work headspace. It has been seen that women who perceive their homes as cluttered have higher cortisol levels which we know is correlated to obesity. The following are tips to declutter and de-stress about the environment. Office Organize- Put frequently used items within reach. Organize the items you don’t use as often and place them out of site. Folders- Put all items in their folder. Create a pending folder for all the things [...]

Stress Less: Declutter to Destress

Declutter to Destress We don’t need studies to realize that clutter can be stressful. Still, researchers are finding more and more that disorderly spaces can hurt stress hormones levels and even our likeliness to procrastinate. Why? Psychologists believe that the visual chaos from clutter restricts our ability to focus. Clutter is distracting, slowing our brain’s processing speed compared to when we’re in a tidy environment. In some cases, this can lead to poor decision making. Parting with our belongings can be emotionally challenging since we become attached to what we own. That’s why experts suggest decluttering with the help of a friend or family member. Instead of touching the objects you’d like to get rid of, have somebody else hold it and ask if you need it. If you touch the item, odds are you’re more likely to keep it. [...]