Cancer Screening Saves Lives

No matter how healthy we live, cancer can touch our lives. Two out of five Americans will receive a diagnosis of cancer at some point in their lives. One of the best ways to improve our survival chances is to discover cancer as early as possible. We do this with preventive screening exams. What is a Preventive Screening Exam? A preventive screening exam looks for a disease, or signs of a disease, in a person who has no symptoms or history of that disease. Preventive screenings allow doctors to detect conditions before symptoms appear, which increases the likelihood of effective treatment. Recommendations for preventive screening exams come from various groups of experts, but the two most notable in the US are the US Preventive Services Taskforce (USPSTF)[1] and the American Cancer Society (ACS)[2].  The USPSTF assigns letter grades to their [...]

The Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D

  When it comes to meeting recommendations for vitamin consumption, Americans are often looking for a quick fix pill as opposed to meeting requirements through their diet. Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients that is easier to get your daily dose through something other than food. In fact, the best way to get Vitamin D is through direct sun exposure. Our bodies produce Vitamin D when our skin is in direct contact with ultraviolet rays from the sun. Therefore, Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. However, for the last decade, avoiding the sun has become all the rage. The threat of cancer, skin damage, wrinkles, and a host of other ailments has led Americans to reduce their sun exposure. Hats, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and lotion with an SPF of 45 have become the norm. [...]

Emotional Health: Bust Your Winter Blues

Bust Your Winter Blues Read Time: 2 min 00 sec Winter is well underway, which means warmer, sunny days of Spring can seem so far out of reach. Motivation and energy can feel just as elusive as the sunlight this season. If you are starting to feel the winter blues, try these tips below to put a little extra pep in your step.   Stay Active Feeling sluggish is common this time of year, but you can combat it by adding more movement into your day. Even a little exercise can produce those feel-good endorphins and help raise energy levels. Bundle up and take a walk outside or try a quick indoor workout. Avoid that afternoon slump by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or incorporating a quick stretch break into your day. Keeping active this time of year [...]

Electronic Cigarettes: Our Position

Background: Electronic inhalers (EI’s) are devices that are gaining enormous popularity in the US and the world. The units go by a number of different names: electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) electronic vaping devices personal vaporizers (PV) electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) These devices use a liquid solution (juice) which is heated to vaporize and then inhaled. Some of the liquids contain nicotine, while some merely release flavored vapor.  Nicotine levels in the liquids vary between preparations.  Tobacco is not used in e-cigarettes, though tobacco companies are investing heavily in EI’s. E-cigarettes are often designed to mimic traditional smoking implements, such as cigarettes or pipes, in their use and/or appearance, although more and more devices are designed not to imitate them, in an attempt to develop a different culture of user. In a recent edition of the Medical Letter® (Volume 54, [...]