Green Spaces to De-Stress

We live in a constantly stimulating world, so it’s important to remember and always consider the reactions that occur naturally when we are in green spaces. Being outdoors promotes emotional and social wellbeing, as well as improving physical fitness and balance. Numerous studies bear this out. Provided you are fit enough to walk comfortably, the health benefits of regular outdoor activity reign supreme. Being outdoors allows us to take our mind off stressors and return feeling more in control and recharged. Find a park nearby and take a nature walk today! See the list below for ideas of outdoor fun. Continue reading July 2021 Newsletter: Shake Up Your Exercise with a HIIT Workout

National Great Outdoors Month- June

June is all about taking the time to explore outdoor historic national treasures. Starting in June of 2019, the US Senate officially honored this summer month as Great Outdoors Month.  Our country is full of unique parks, trails, forests, mountains, and more. One of the best ways to discover nature is by visiting a National Park Service (NPS) Location. With so many options across the US, you’re sure to find something that sparks excitement for the Great Outdoors. Plan Your Visit Before embarking on your next adventure, take time to plan for your visit. You’ll want to consider things like climate, terrain, available facilities, necessary gear, and current weather. The NPS offers a great planning guide on their website. Having a plan before you hit the trail will ensure you are well prepared before, during, and after your trip. Cell [...]

Spring into Action

Spring into Action Read Time: 2 minutes 58 seconds Spring is in the air, and it is the perfect time to get moving. As you find more motivation to get outside, you might be wondering how to keep that motivation going as you build a lasting exercise routine. A few simple steps of preparation can help you get started and stay on track this season. Finding Motivation Finding motivation can be tricky. While we might have that initial spark to start moving, how do we stay motivated? Busy days, unexpected schedule changes, and fatigue can all steal our motivation. Use the tips below to help find long-lasting motivation: Choose Your “Why.” Think about why exercise is important to you. You might have goals that you want to reach or an example you would like to follow. No matter where your [...]