Stress Less: IHO Method

I.H.O. – The Stress Management Technique that Works! Read time: 2 min 35 sec The coronavirus outbreak has created a ripple effect of stress for many people that spans beyond the fear of physical illness alone. Depending on your situation, you may be experiencing hardships emotionally, financially, or in your relationships with others. Chronic stress that goes untreated has been associated with health conditions such as depression, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Fortunately, we can learn ways to combat the emotional, physical, and mental impacts of stress.  Be Well Solutions has taught people successful stress management for years, using a model that encourages people to respond rather than to react, and to examine strategies that allow one to focus energy on managing the things under their control. Know Your Symptoms of Stress Stress can rear its ugly [...]

Stress Less: How Breathing Fights Stress

How Breathing Fights Stress What’s the first sensation you notice in your body when you face a moment of stress? Are you shaky? Does your heart race? Do your palms sweat? Maybe your breath becomes quicker and shallower. These physiological changes are all regulated by the autonomic nervous system, which continually works to regulate heart rate, respiratory rate, and digestion. When we face any stress, whether big or little, the sympathetic branch (better known as fight-or-flight) of the autonomic nervous system activates. Even bad traffic on the way home can cause the release of adrenal hormones into the bloodstream that triggers fight-or-flight in multiple parts of the body. The result can be higher blood pressure, faster breathing, a quicker heart rate, and even elevated blood sugar levels. It might seem like there is little we can do to stop fight-or-flight [...]